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Our Mission

We are committed to keeping families connected, during times of incarceration, through a support system of dedicated personnel and the resources necessary for facilitating family member contact. 

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Keeping Families Connected makes it possible for loved ones in prison to have in-person visits from family members, as well as to communicate via phone calls, letters, and emails. 

7.3 million

Number of kids with parents in prison




average number of inmates in texas with children



60 plus

Number of families connected last year through Keeping families connected



Ms. Scott, you are doing a great job and there is no one in the State of Texas doing what you're doing. Thank you for taking my grand daughters to see their mother in Gatesville, Texas. God bless you,

- Ms. Zakiah- Dallas, Texas

I really appreciate my trip to Abilene to see my loved one in prison. Ms. Scott was so friendly, she is so awesome and I truly thank God for her, her team and for the services they provide at no charge!

- Mrs. Gwen Autry- Dallas, Texas