Check out some of the wonderful stories of families that we have touched


Hortencia Pina

It was a good experience! You all kept in contact throughout the week before we met up. The prayer before we took off was awesome! My kids loved the ride there they felt extremely Congo. This is a great program not only does it help us see our loved ones but also helps us meet people in similar situations who are a good resource. The driver was super attentive and nice . Overall I hope you all are able to touch the hearts and help others as you all did my family. Honestly y’all are doing a good and unique thing!


Denise & Sincere

Thank you for always being a positive force for our family. It has made all the difference for my grandson. We love Tetia and her team at KFC. I am her biggest fan and will help her anyway I can.


Ms. mARY

It's such a beautiful thing when families are united as a whole! The word says that a family who prays together, stays together! We are all God children! But when we know better, we do better! The devil will keep people in blindness. But once God uncover our eyes in the spiritual rim, then we can see out of the spiritual eye and not of the natural eye what the Lord is doing in our lives! In the Book of Joshua. Joshua says as for me and my house; we shall serve the Lord! Thanking God for you Sis Letitia! You and your other half is doing a great job Keeping Families Connected!!! May the Lord continue to bless you in all of your accomplishments!


Laura Mask

Thank you so much for giving us a ride today to the Beto unit. The driver was very nice and we enjoyed his company and sense of humor. I will definitely be using your services again. This service you offer is a blessing indeed. Please keep me posted on your upcoming events. Thanks again.