Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Keeping Families Connected and what services do they provide?

    Keeping Families Connected is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families stay connected to their incarcerated loved ones by providing free transportation and meals to and from correctional facilities. But we also seek to provide resources to this community throughout the year through educational opportunities, school supply giveaway, toy drive, and other events.

  • Where is Keeping Families Connected located?

    Keeping Families connected is based in Dallas, TX.

  • Are the prison trips really free?

    There is no cost for our clients to visit their loved ones, but we do depend on the generosity of our sponsors to cover meals, gas, and maintenance on our vehicles.

  • Do you go to all jails/prisons?

  • We are based in Dallas, TX and can only accommodate trips to facilities within four hours or less. We are hoping to expand to cover more ground in Texas and throughout the country.

  • How do I find out where my incarcerated loved one is located?

  • For the most update information, please refer to the TDCJ website. and then enter your loved one’s information in the search box to find their unit.

  • Who is allowed to go on the prison trips?

  • Any approved visitor for the incarcerated individual may go on the trip.  You must call the unit your loved one is in to verify all guests are on the list ahead of time.

  • How do I schedule a trip?

  • Please complete a request on our Contact page. Someone will be in touch with you shortly.

  • Do you provide any resources to those incarcerated?

  • In addition to providing transportation for their loved ones to visit them, we write letters and send holiday care packages to the loved ones of our clients as resources allow.

  • How can I become a volunteer?

  • See the Join Our Team page.

  • How can I become a sponsor?

  • See the Become A Sponsor page.

  • Do you have any internship opportunities?

  • Yes we do. Please contact our Program Coordinator for more information.